i’m not gonna be updating this motherfucker no more seeing as it’s all GOTTEN THE MOTHERFUCKING MIRACLES ALL TAKEN THE MOTHERFUCK OUT OF IT FOR ME NOW so i’m all happy you all could be up in this MOTHERFUCKING MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR WITH A MOTHERFUCKER but sometimes a trolls gotta be be all to choose what he’s gotta being to do with his life and THIS MOTHERFUCKER JUST AIN’T ME NO MORE

i’m not gonna be to delete nothing just WISHING A MOTHERFUCKER good MOTHERFUCKING day is all


cUz LiKe BeFoRe ThEn He HaD aLwAyS bEeN sHoWiNg Up WhEn My PrOtEiN rAtIoNs StArTeD tO bEiNg RuN oUt AnD lItTlE mE aLl FiGuReD tHaT tHe FaStEr I aTe ThEm ThEn He WoUlD bE cOmInG bAcK sOoNeR bUt ThAt WaS a MoThErFuCkInG wRoNg AsSuMpTiOn, AlL gEtTiNg MiXeD uP wItH tHe CaUsAtIoN aNd ThE mOtHeRfUcKiNg CaUsAtIoN aNd ShIt LiKe WrIgGlErS aRe AlWaYs BeInG tO dO sO i, HaViNg BeEn CoOkInG uP a RuDe HuNgEr, WaS aLl BeInG tO eAt JuSt AbOuT aNy MoThErFuCkInG tHiNg WhAt SmElLeD hAlF dEcEnT

i GoT tO bE lEaRnInG hOw To Be TaKiNg CaRe Of MySeLf A lItTlE bEtTeR sInCe ThEn BuT tHe SiCk SlIcK sTiLl Is AlL kEePiNg SoMe WiCkEd ShIt SeTtLeD wHaT wOuLd Be PrEtTy FuCkInG hEiNoUs PrObAbLy 

ThAtS lIkE sOmE kInD oF mAd SeReNdIpItOuS mIrAcLeS rIgHt ThErE iN hOw My PaN iS sEeInG iT

So I’m NoT pRoBaBlY gOiNg To Be YoUr BeSt FuCkIn ReSoUrCe Or AnYtHiNg AbOuT aNyThInG lIkE tHaT. i DoN’t EvEn KnOw WhAt YoU aRe Up AnD rEfErRiNg To AbOuT nO mOtHeRfUcKiNg SlIgHt Or NoThInG bUt PeOpLe ArE aLwAyS bEiNg To LeAvE mE oUt Of ThEiR sTrAtEgY jAmS aNd ShIt So WhO tHe MoThErFuCk EvEn KnOwS aBoUt NoNe Of ThAt ShIt

It AiN’t LiKe I’m ScArEd Of BlOoD oR nOtHiNg LiKe ThAt BuT kArKaT wAs AlL tElLiNg Me ThAt WhAt ThE rEaSoN wAs ThAt NoBoDy WaS wAnTiNg To ChIlL wItH mE oR nOtHiNg WaS bEcAuSe ThEy WaS sCaReD oF mE aNd ShIt. 

PlUs ThE mEsSiAhS wItH tHeIr AlL “pItY eVeRyTrOlL lIkE tHeY wAs BeInG yOuR bRoThErS aNd SiStErS” wHiCh MeAnS fRiEnDs I tHiNk.

EqUiUs Is KiNdA aLl ImPaTiEnT wItH hOw ThAt KiNdA sHiT’s BeEn AlL fUcKiNg WiTh My AtTitUdE aBoUt WaRmBlOoDs BuT lIkE jUsT cUz ThEy ArE wEaKeR dOeSn’T mAkE tHeM tO nOt BeInG gOoD hOmIeS iF tHaT mAkEs SeNsE. iT dOn’T mAkE hIm LeSs FrIeNdS wItH mE oR nOtHiNg.

I gOt KiNdA dIsTrAcTeD sOrRy. KaRkAt’S aLl BeEn RaTiOnInG mY pIeS bUt ItS fOr LiKe, ThE gOoD oF tHe MoThErFuCkInG tEaM oR sOmEtHiNg, So It’S nOt A bIg MoThEr FuCkInG tHiNg I gUeSs.

HoNk HoNk HoNk!!!

I’m GoNnA aLl OpEn ThE iNqUiSiTiOn ReCePtAcLe AgAiN bEcAuSe A mOtHeRfUcKeR’s BeInG tO mOvE hIs BlOcK uP tO aNoThEr SiTe So I wAnNa Be GeTtInG a MoThErFuCkInG jUmP oN sHiT

sOrRy AbOuT tHe InAcTiViTy FoR tHe PaSt FeW dAyS. I wAs CeLeBrAtInG mY wRiGgLiNg DaY aNd WaS uP iN a PiE pReTtY sTrAiGhT aLl ThE tImE aNd YoU kNoW hOw A mOtHeRfUcKeR cAn BaReLy Be Up AnD dOiNg NoThInG bEsIdEs AlL cLiMbInG tReEs AnD pLaYiNg EnTeRtAiNmEnT sYsTeMs WiTh My FiNe MoThErFuCkIn BeSt FrIeNdS :o) hOnK

i JuSt NeEd A mOtHeRfUcKiNg PiE iS aLl CuZ aLl FaLsE dElUsIoNs AnD sHiT cAn Be AlL sCaRiNg A mOtHeRfUcKeR bUt YoU jUsT gOtTa Be CoUnTiNg To NuMbErS aNd IgNoRiNg ThEm WoRdS aNd ShIt

JuSt GoTtA bE wAsHiNg Up AnD hItTiNg A sLiCe Of ThE mOtHeRfUcKiNg SnEeZe

TaB wAsHeS uP oN tHe ShOre SoMeTiMeS bUt ThEyS aLl FuLl Of CaFfIeNe AnD tHaT sHiT kEePs A mOtHeRfUcKeR fRoM sLeEpInG aLl RiGhT dUrInG tHe DaY aNd SlEeP dEpRiVaTiOn CaN bE tO aLl FuCk WiTh A mOtHeRfUcKeRs ThInKpAn

PlUs HaVe YoU eVeR tAsTeD a FrEsH pIcKeD rOcK n’ RyE aT tHe EnD oF tHe NiGhT wHeN iT iS cOoL aNd AlL fIzZy AnD hIsSiNg FrOm ThE nIgHt AiR cOnVeCtIoNs

ThAtS oNe Of ThOsE mIrAcLeS wHaT nEvEr GoEs MoThErFuCkInG sTaLe

ItS sO bEaUtIfUl ThAt EvEn A mOtHeRfUcKeR lIkE mE wItH mY bEiNg AlL  tRiDiMeNsIoNaL aNd ShIt CaN eVeN bE rEpReSeNtEd LiKe A bItChTiTs LiTtLe BiDiMeNsIoNaL fIgUrE oN a FuCkInG fIbErOuS pUlP mEmBrAnE …

lIkE hOw DoEs ThAt Up AnD eVeN hApPeN?

tHaNkS fOr ThE mOtHeRfUcKiNg RePrEsEnTaTiOnAl SyMbOl ShEeT fRiEnD! hOnK :o)

"TrOlL nIcOlAs CaGe HaS tHe FiRmEsT pEcToRaL cOnVuLsIvE tIsSuE bLoCkS i HaVe EvEr ReStEd My OcUlArS uPoN"

"mY fAnGs HaVe BeEn CuLtIvAtEd To ShOw My FeRoCiTy By BeInG bArEd EvEn WhEn I aM nOt EnGaGeD iN aGgReSsIoN"

i DoN’t GoT lEnToCuLaR fRaMeS tO aLl Do ThAt PaRt Of BeInG jOhN bUt A mOtHeRfUcKeR hAs GoTtA pLaY wItH tHe LaMiNaTeD sYmBoL pAgEs He Is Up AnD dEaLt By LiFe

StIlL tHe SiMiLaRiTy Is FuCkInG uNcAnNy LiKe YoUd Be AlL lIkE iF yOu’Re ThE rEaL jOhN tElL mE sOmEtHiNg OnLy He WoUlD kNoW aNd ThEn YoU gOtTa JuDgE aLl WhO iS uP aNd BeInG tHe ReAl MoThErFuCkEr

An AsK bLoG wHeRe OnE cAn AsK sHiT aNd I wIlL rEsPoNd To A mOtHeRfUcKeR